Conversation details

Check customer information and orders in conversation details

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is still in beta and only available for some specific users

Conversation details

In conversation details, you can check customer details:

  • Contact information (email, phone, etc.)

  • Order details

  • Notes

You can leave a note in each customer for further information. A note will go together with created time. You can edit or delete a note.

To each type of customer, you get access to different information.

1. Guest

With guests, you can only see email that they enter in live chat.

You can click Add customer to create a new customer in Shopify Customer.

2. Customer

This customer already made an purchase on your store. All information in Shopify Customer will be synced in profile: Name, Email, Phone, Location, Tag

This information will be shown under customer name as well.

3. Anonymous user

With anonymous user, you can still add them as a new customer by clicking Add customer.

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