Your inbox

Manage all convesations from customer

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is still in beta and only available for some specific users

In tab "Inbox", click Go to inbox to get access to all your conversations. Or you can go to Inbox by clicking Go to inbox through Dashboard.

Customer list

In your inbox, you can check each customer in the left panel.

There're 3 types of customers in the list.

TypesDefinitionHow it displays


Who visits your website and haven't made an order yet

Customer icon + email


Who made an order on your store

Name in icon + customer name

Anonymous user

Who chats on your store clicking "Chat with us as anonymous"

Anonymous icon + random name

Chat zone

This is where you reply and chat with your customers.

React and reply message

In chat, you can reply ro react to a message. You can format your text in bold or italic.

Customer behavior

In chat details, you can check customer behaviour like add to cart or place an order.

List of customer behavior:

  • Start a chat

  • Add products to empty cart (show with product details)

  • Add products to existing cart (show with product details)

  • Remove products from cart (show with product details)

  • Place an order (coming soon)

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