Frequenly asked questions of Chatty users

What do I need to do after uninstalling Chatty?

Please note, in some cases, when the app is removed from your Shopify store, our code might remain but will be disabled. This happens because we lose access to the theme files immediately when you uninstall our app.

Follow these steps to manually remove what's remaining.

1. Delete FAQ page

  1. Get access to Shopify Admin → Online store → Pages

  2. Select page "Frequently Asked Question"

  3. Click Actions Delete pages

Does Chatty translate questions and answer?

Yes. Now you can translate questions and answer in Translation.

I publish a language but I cannot see on my store.

Before publishing a new language, make sure your website is available in that language.

In Shopify Admin, click Settings -> Language and set up your language.

I set up online hours but I cannot see my online status in chatbox.

Online/offline status only works if you turn on Contact us block in chatbox.

  1. Go to Widget -> Genersl

  2. In Blocks, turn on Contact us

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