Send notification for new messages

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for all users

Setting notifications for messages helps you take care of all customers. No missing messages.

There are 2 types of notification

  • Web notifications: Send push notifications to your web browser. Make sure that your allow notifications on your device.

  • Email notifications: Send emails

Web notifications

  1. Go to Notifications

  2. Click Turn on

  3. Turn on Notifications

  4. Refresh page. Click to Save.

  5. After saving, you can click Send test to check.

Play sound notifications

By turning sound notification, both you and your customer will get notifications with sound from devices.

You can select which type of messages you want to get notifications for: Only first message or all messages.

Email notifications

There are 2 types of messages you can receive emails for:

  • New message: You'll get an email 1 minute after a customer sends you a message in the live chat.

  • No replies: You'll get an email if you haven't replied to a customer's message after 15 minutes.

  1. In app admin, go to Notification.

  2. Select type of notifications: New message or No replies

  3. Insert emails that you want to send notifications to.

  4. Click Save

Send test email

After saving, you can send test email to your email list.

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