Chatbox style

How to customize chatbox style to fit your brand style

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for all users

Chatbox is popup on your website includes sections to track order, contact and question list. This is how a chatbox looks like on your website.

Customize chatbox

  1. Go to app -> Chatbox -> General -> Click Turn on Chatbox

  2. You'll be redirected to theme editor. Enable the Chatty and click Save.

  3. Select preset in our library. Or click Surprise me to get a random theme.

    Or you can customize to get your own chatbox

    You can preview your chatbox in both dark and light theme.

  4. In General appearance, you can customize content (heading and description) and color in chatbox

  5. Chatbox button is icon. You can set up which icon, color, size and position.

  6. Chatbox style: You can select chatbox with or without navigation. And how much chatbox take up on mobile screen.

  7. Blocks: There are 4 blocks in chatbox:

  8. Advanced settings: Helps you set up font and custom CSS.

    We recommend using the same font with your theme (STORE THEME’S FONT) to keep your website consistent.

    Custom CSS in advanced settings helps you to have a custom FAQ page on your page. This required knowledge of coding. If you need any help, contact us through live chat in the app.

  9. Click Save

Setting Store name and avatar

  1. In app, go to Settings

  2. Change store name and avatar

  3. Click Save

You can upload your own image as avatar. Make sure your image in right format (.gif, .jpg, .png) and size less than 200 KB.

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