Translate content on chatbox and FAQs page into your language

ho can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for all users

Translation is a feature helps translate all content in chatbox into your language automatically. It saves your time and effort on manual translations for FAQ labels.

How does Translation work?

Your chatbox will be shown in Default language to all users in default.

If you publish more languages, those will be available for users who use that language on your website.

Set up languages of your website

Before publishing a new language, make sure your website is available in that language.

In Shopify Admin, click Settings -> Language and set up your language.

How many languages are supported in Chatty?

There are 16 languages are supported in Chatty for now.

  1. English

  2. Spanish

  3. French

  4. Portuguese

  5. German

  6. Dutch

  7. Italian

  8. Turkish

  9. Vietnamese

  10. Hindu

  11. Urdu

  12. Chinese (Simplified)

  13. Chinese (Traditional)

  14. Arabic

  15. Malay

  16. Japanese

If your language are not supported to auto-translate, you can select Custom for other languages.

Default language

Default language is available for all users. English will be set as default language when you first using app.

If user's language is not available in your translation, chatbox will be shown in default language.

With users who downloaded app before April 23, 2024: If you already set a language as a primary language, that language will be set as default

Change default language

  1. Go to translations

  2. Click Save

Published language

Published languages will be availabel for visitors of your website using those languages.

Publish a language

  1. In the language, click Edit

  1. Select No navigation or Show navigation, which you set up in chatbox.

  2. Click Auto-translate to translate all content. Or you can edit content yourself.

  3. Translate content in each tab Chatbox, FAQs page, FAQs. Click Save to save translation of each page.

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